mini-blog #1: Treat for woodpeckers and nuthatches

Welcome to this mini-blog!
Mini-blogs will be used to teach you or show you simple things about birds.

Today I’m going to teach you how to make a treat yourself for nuthatches and woodpeckers… other birds like blue jays and chickadees might like it too. I advise you to make it only if you already have birds on your land and if you are sure you don’t have squirrels.

Ingredients :

  • A small net
  • Peanuts or nuts
  • A rope

How to make it

In the net, put peanuts or nuts… you can even put both! After, close it with a rope… and you can tie it to a tree, near a feeder!

My experience

The nuthatches loved it… but unfortunately, a chipmunk ended up throwing it to the ground. I also noticed that it had to be put in a place well accessible to birds, so don’t put it too far from the trunk of the tree!


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